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Our Châteaux

CHATEAUX and their Appellations

The BURLIGA Vineyards are composed of four castles:

  • Château La Lande de Taleyran
  • Château Paulin
  • Château Landrieu
  • Château Jos

They produce and market a wide range of wines:

  • Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux Supérieur
  • Entre-deux-Mers (dry white)
  • Bordeaux Clairet
  • Bordeaux Rosé

We use almost all Bordeaux varietals : Merlot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec for "black" vines.

For "white" vines : Sauvignon, Sémillon et Muscadelle.

You can find fruity wines such as Château LA LANDE DE TALEYRAN Entre-deux-Mers (white), Bordeaux Clairet and Château PAULIN Bordeaux rosé.
Beautiful wines such as Château LANDRIEU Bordeaux Red or Château LA LANDE DE TALEYRAN Bordeaux Superior Red, round, jovial and accessible to all palates.
Structured wines such as Château PAULIN Bordeaux white and Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge bred in oak barrels

Our Vines :

Our vines are located in several communes of the Entre-deux-Mers: BEYCHAC et CAILLAU, MADIRAC and MONTUSSAN